What We Do

Every year we aim to produce several shows with our students...

... these range from variety shows, social performances and fundraising concerts for charities.

During the summer we also construct a week long summer project with young people of all ages. This is a week of specific classes and workshops that lead to a show within a week. We also produce an annual Christmas Show which is always a wonderful production for our students to be involved in.

Every show is designed around the abilities of our students to showcase their individual talents.

The staff at Uplift are continually thinking of new show concepts and we look forward at seeing you at our next production. Keep an eye our website for future promotions!


We have a range of classes running throughout the week, currently available at three locations: Carrickfergus, Larne and Greenisland. The three classes are designed to help fulfil our objective and mission statement, which is to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

We cover all varieties of dance. These consist of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Hip-hop and many more. In each class we teach you how to warm up your body correctly so as not to hurt yourself, you also learn how to stretch and cool down.

Our students enjoy the friendly learning environment and the positive teaching styles of our dance instructors.

Three Benefits of Dance

Build new friendships

Step out of your comfort zone

Improve your physical stamina

This class is designed to find each student's unique voice. We start with a thorough warm-up to expand the vocal range and to increase breath support.

The class then uses these principles to work on songs they have chosen and are given positive feedback and critiques in order to help them develop their natural talent. Even in this group setting, time is given to help each student.

Three Benefits of Voice

Enhance vocal abilities

Learn to support others when they try something new

Improve self-esteem by singing in front of peers

Stagecraft class covers a number of areas in performing arts. It covers drama, improvisation, set building, sound training and lighting design. All of the essential skills to be a successful stage manager or staging director.

Drama and improve help our students loosen up and express themselves. This subject is great for those students who want to step out of their shell.

Three Benefits of Stagecraft

Learn team building skills

Increased self confidence

Develop your acting talents

If you feel that you need some extra tuition to help improve your skills and musical talents, then our private lessons could be just for you.

Offering one-on-one lessons in


Beginner and Intermediate Piano

Beginner and Intermediate Drums

Beginner Guitar


Not only do we hold classes in our own facilities, we also have the ability to come to you! We tailor our workshops to what you need. If you would like a drumming workshop, we can do that. Or if you would prefer a class that focuses on all three major areas of the arts, music, dancing and drama then we can do that too!

In our most classic style of workshop, we would come to you and on our first day we would get a feel for how the students work and what they are comfortable with. This usually happens by warming up with an easy stretching segment and then a vocal warm-up followed by a session of improvisational games.

Depending on the reaction the students give us in each area of performance we gain helpful insight into what music or dances would best suit each group.

These workshops are always different depending on the age and amount of students we have. We are also open to helping organizations with team building workshops.

We currently work in a number of schools around the East Antrim area and every summer we run workshops in the USA.